1. Must dress me for my job: High school English teacher.
  2. Must pick out the following: clothes, handbag, accessory, and shoes.
  3. Cannot repeat any parts of the outfit after it is worn.



Outfit details: shoes (forever21), purse (Michael Kors), dress (Ross), & accessory (Michael Kors watch).

Sunday night, before Zach had to pick out my first outfit for me to wear to work on Monday, I explained the rules of dressing me. He was so confident, but I knew that not every day was going to be easy as I know how hard it is to pick out a modest, professional, cute, and inspired outfit on a daily basis… while the task of finding clothes early in the morning poses to be the hardest as sometimes I forget what I own. I have a lot of clothes, sue me. Although, most of which I do not even wear.

This mustard/canary dress for example I got at Ross roughly two years ago and have never worn to work because it is slightly see through. When Zach picked it out I was hesitant as I have to be modest as a teacher. He was quick to point out that I could wear a tank top and some of my spandex workout shorts and be fine. He was right! Although once he began getting the shoes I was again slightly hesitant. I had never worn those suede booties with a dress, only pants paired with a sweater during the chilly season. Then he chose one of the bags I used to wear all of the time, but placed at the top of my closet and seldom wear out anymore.

Here is what I learned on Monday: I get used to wearing the same things…with the same things. I also learned to circulate old bags or accessories so they do not go unused.




Outfit details: shoes (Charlotte Russe), purse (goodwill), pants (Ross), shirt (forever21), & accessory (feather necklace from forever21).

When Zach started picking out day 2 outfit I was scared once he chose the olive green shirt. “You know that is slit on both sides and goes all the way to the top?” He lifted the shirt a part and began to laugh, but grabbed a black tank top that would be tucked into the black jeggings (jeans &leggings) he picked out after. Then 20 minutes went by as he searched for the perfect shoe, because he thought the ones he was picking out were, “too boring.”

…heels… he chose heels… Now everyone, there are two types of teachers, those that wear heels to school and have super powers, and then there are those that wear birkenstocks and understand they are not a Kardashian.. can you guess which one I am.

Although, I will admit, the outfit played. I felt pretty badass and awesome for a Tuesday going in to teach. Granted I took the heels off a couple times, but mostly wore them for the entire day and received so many compliments.

Here is what I learned on Tuesday: If you bought the heels, wear them, do not just marvel at them in your closet.



Outfit details: shoes (Target), purse (Kate Spade), pants (H&M), shirt (Target), & accessory (Michael Kors necklace).

Day 3 was the hardest day of dressing so far! Everything Zach picked out I was cringing at. The previous days it was not difficult to save the outfits or make it work if he had to, but today he was on the struggle bus that was going to make me late for school. He first picked out the pink structured teaching pants, which I didn’t mind. However, he then chose a black flow v-neck that I usually only wear for comfort because I hate the way it makes my upper body look. Not to mention I usually never pair something so light with something like black, but all of my other tops are short and I have always tucked those other more suitable options into skirts. The black had to do, I was running out of time.

The next problem came down to shoes as I had blisters from the heels the size of Texas and he wanted a structured shoe. I was glad he choose these flats because the buckle around my ankle did not make the back of my foot constantly slip in and out of the shoe and helped my band aids stay in place. But then honestly he saved the outfit with the purse as it gave the light and dark contrast of my outfit a 50’s feel. And of course, today I got the most compliments of the entire week.

Here is what I learned on Wednesday: Sometimes I do not know what looks best on me.



Outfit details: shoes (forever21), purse (Chanel), skirt (goodwill), shirt (H&M), accessory (forever21 clock necklace).

I was obsessed with day 4 outfit! Truly Zack stepped up his game and gave me what I wanted: chic teacher. I had actually forgotten I owned the polka dot skirt that I got from goodwill almost 5 years ago, and then was impressed when he paired it with a mustard yellow top to give it a pop of color. Then once he paired the clothes with my Chanel handbag that I almost never wear, I felt like Audrey Hepburn. The only thing I was skeptical about was the clock necklace. I hate when I look “too busy” but truly when I did not have the purse to compliment my outfit, the necklace was there to tie it together.

Here is what I learned on Thursday: My husband is a secret stylist and consistently kept me in mind while choosing outfits. What a professional!



Outfit details: shoes (H&M), purse (Rebecca Minkoff), shirt (Target), pants (Target), & accessory (Target ascot).

Today went slightly different, but I ended up learning the most. Zach was up late and had come into the bedroom at 4:00am after falling asleep in the movie room. As my alarm went off at 5:00am it would truly have taken a village to wake the dead sleep he was in. He had asked me Thursday night if I had casual Friday and could wear jeans. “Yes we can wear jeans on Friday.” When I got up to get dressed I put the jeans on; I figured he would have done it any way. Then I decided to pair it with one of my new shirts that screamed English teacher! Then I started to get inspired and pulled from my closet a coral orange small bag because my jeans and t-shirt seemed plain from the outfits I had worn that week. However, I went a little further and even added the small ascot scarf to turn my outfit into a look. I was so impressed at how good I felt, but also how comfortable. As I was putting my shoes on I heard Zach from the bedroom yelling my name. I went up and he was sitting up in bed feeling guilty that he had slept in; I didn’t mind.

“It was inspired by you” I smiled. “Do you like it?”

He couldn’t stop telling me how “cool” the outfit was!

Here is what I learned on Friday: I need to stop being afraid to express myself.

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