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I started with my friends, family, and community members, then began to reach out to others across the globe from my instagram community. Regardless of culture, country, or tradition, these married couples (all are still married) found common ground in some of their wedding day regrets. They responded to help anyone in need of a little friendly advice ;] or anyone who just wants to relate on some level to these people that went through the wedding ringer.


  1. “I wished I wouldn’t have asked one of my bridesmaids to be in the wedding. She was so rude most of the time, threatened to not be friends after the wedding was over, and was pretty selfish most of the time. She made it really difficult to enjoy being around my bridesmaids when she was around. She was angry and rude to me at the wedding and spoke poorly about me and my family afterwards. I have other tiny things I would have changed, but that’s my biggest regret!” Niccola W.
  2. “My one regret was being incharge of everything… Not letting someone else take over!” Anthony C.
  3. “Ours was not hiring a DJ to MC the reception, it left for some awkward transitions and dragged out speeches.” Casey C.
  4. “Not having a wedding 😭 And being in the army it was easier to do the courthouse since all of our family is so dislocated. The court house was just easy and wasn’t time consuming since I was getting ready to deploy. We were crunched on time.” Kole G.
  5. “Honestly I didn’t do a lot of my own planning for it. I would say that’s probably my biggest regret was not using my voice and just letting my parents do it all.” Chloe M.
  6. “My only regret was not having the reception on the same day as the actual wedding. It takes away some of the magic.” Todd B.
  7. “I wish I had done a super cool first dance, like the dirty dancing dance or something involving the bridal party.” Melody F.
  8. “I wish we would have booked the videographer’s premium package! I love our wedding video, but things got so fun and interesting late into the night, long after he had packed up and left!” Taylor H.
  9. Letting my bridesmaid who is a hairstylist was supposed to be doing my hair do my grandma’s hair first even though she was supposed to be doing mine and we ran out of time and I did not like my hair 😂 I guess moral of the story is don’t think of others first on your wedding day LOL.” Hayley B.
  10. “I would say, my one regret is that I did not make a “thank you” toast to everyone who came. It was important to my husband and I to personally thank everyone who came (which we did) but I wish I would have grabbed that mic and told everyone as a whole just how much we appreciate them being there!! Ashley G.
  11. “My biggest wedding regret was not taking my little courthouse wedding more serious. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but in the short time you are on this earth you only have a handful of times when you have an excuse to really make things about yourself. I missed out on the bridal shower, cake testing, the intimate rehearsal, and all of the fun little things that lead up to saying, “I Do.” Jennifer K.
  12. “If I could do it all over again there are a few VERY small things I would do differently. I will say though, that I wasn’t going to hire videographer, and I ended up doing it just a few weeks before the wedding and that definitely WOULD have been a HUGE regret for me! So I’m glad I did it last minute!” Ashley L.
  13. “I wish I would have done a destination wedding.” Stacey D.
  14. “Not taking 5 or 10 min. to be alone with each other until entire wedding was over.” Sandy D.
  15. “Not being more creative with our introductions. The picking of my bridal party. Not giving my husband a gift on our wedding day.” Toni G.
  16. “My one regret is not having copies of the videos of the speeches. I so loved the maid of honor and best man speeches and wish I could relive them! Because, at the end of the day, all you have are memories.” Bonnie O.
  17. “Mine was waiting to the last minute to write my vows. I was so busy dealing with everything else, I kept putting off writing them until the night before. By that time I’m exhausted, I had spent the whole day with my mom, grandma and sister setting up decorations, making bouquets and boutonnières etc, so my sister helped me write my vows before bed. They were short and sweet but I wish I had put more time into them.” Emilie D.
  18. “Last minute errands got the best of us. For a wedding you try and get all of the big things done that you forget about the little things that are important at the end of the day as well that help complete everything. I wish we would have prioritized better earlier so we could enjoy the days before the wedding.” Eric A.
  19. “Waiting until after the wedding ceremony to have all photos taken. Followed the tradition of waiting to see the bride in her wedding dress. The photo session took so long that most of the food at the reception was already eaten and the ice sculpture had melted. 😒” Karl M.
  20. “Leaving the bride at home.” Charles L. (married for 60 years)
  21. “Letting my relatives who I offered to stay with us, use the two bathrooms and I could not get ready for my own wedding. Let relatives get a hotel.” Beverly W.
  22. “Not getting a custom cake made the exact way I wanted it to look. I went with the wedding house cake decorator instead of spending a little bit more money on a cake that I actually wanted. Really bummed me out.” Taylor B.
  23. “Check the weather over and over and over again so you have a plan B just in case. An Arizona dust storm his us toward the end (at least it was toward the end), but it did make the end of the wedding interesting.” John M.
  24. “Waiting to go on my honeymoon.. which I still havent 17 yrs later…” Tiffany P.
  25. “Not doing enough research on the company we hired to provide entertainment and MC our wedding. At the last minute the company switched MC’s and  we got a guy who did not take the job seriously. He got the song I walked down the isle to wrong and the song my husband and his mother danced to wrong. Additionally, he did not have the proper equipment and played songs from his iPhone most of the time.” Caitlin M.
  26. “I guess if I had one thing I would do again, it would be to have a videographer! My hubby and I decided it was way too pricey for something we would probably only watch once (weddings are expensive as it is). I don’t necessarily regret it but if there was one thing I had to choose, that would be it! Our photographer made our wedding come to life again, though! I still look at our pictures all the time!” Elan C.
  27. “Not hiring an actual photographer.  Our wedding was a fun little vegas elopement.  A friend offered to do photos as the gift, and I was thrilled that she wanted to.  But, friends are there to enjoy the wedding, not work it.  I should have hired someone! I ended up with very few photos of my wedding.” Elizabeth A.
  28. “Sure, I could have made cute clues for the buffet table call, finalized my parents gifts earlier, or finished my homework before my wedding day so I wasnt doing it during hair and makeup. Even though all that didn’t happen, we were completely zen.” Jory B.
  29. “Not having sparklers in time as plan B when the lantern send off didn’t work.. or, forgetting to put my vail on for the ceremony lol I was just so excited and ready for the wedding that I forgot it.” Kenzi P.
  30. “The only one that sticks with me is not ordering a cake big enough that I could eat a piece besides the one we “smashed” in each others faces…I was really bummed, because half the cake was carrot cake, and half was black forest cherry torte, my fave, and I didn’t get to even eat a piece! :0″ Angie G.
  31. “It really came down to the small things like me wanting matching bridesmaids dresses, etc. I was 5 months pregnant with my son and per everyones advice I was just trying to make it as simple as possible not realizing until later that I should have taken planning more seriously than just making things “simple.” Lindsay R.
  32. “I should have had a talk with the bridal party and my family a couple days before the wedding. They say that brides can be divas, but I thought that some of my family and bridesmaids were worse than any bridezilla that I have encountered. Truly it was all about them, and I should have had a heart to heart with them instead of just not wanting to deal with it because I was already stressed.” Ashley T.
  33. “I hired my friend to do our photos for the wedding and I should have really hired a professional. I felt bad telling her what I wanted and she continued to do things that just were not a part of my vision. I felt like because she was a friend it was hard to speak to her professionally because she kept insisting she knew what I liked. Separate personal from professional.” Stacy S.
  34. “I did not really plan the wedding. My wife did everything and she never asked for help because she is rather particular. I had a couple small jobs that I did like call to check up on aspects of the photos, etc, but I wish I would have insisted more. It is your wedding, and now that people ask us about it I do not really have any stories about planning.” Matt B.
  35. “I wish I would have had my bridesmaids help more. I was so busy trying to make sure they had a good time that I forgot that they are there to help. When it came to the wedding day I was hurrying to decorate and such that I hardly had time to get ready while they were able to do last minute hair and makeup that I could not do. It isn’t there fault, I kept insisting I wanted to do it.” Megan H.
  36. “EAT DINNER! I have a big family that loves to talk and I knew it was going to be a problem when it came to dinner. I should have had us get our dinner 5-8 minutes before everyone else so we had time to stuff our face before we got slammed with conversation.” Davan B.
  37. “Make a list the night before of things you will need to take with you, especially if you are going on your honeymoon after the wedding. I made the mistake of thinking I had everything, just like I do every vacation and spent too much time asking my husband during the wedding if we had everything for our trip.” Make a list and pack or get things together the night before.” Valerie C.
  38. “Spend some time with yourself either the night before or the morning of. I constantly felt rushed and wished that I could have gathered my thoughts and relaxed for a bit. This is a day you will always remember and I should have stopped more to reflect and appreciate it.” Kendra H.
  39. “Do not drink too much. Yes it is a fun party, but it is also your wedding day. I regretfully drank too much and it did not make for a fun night going into our honeymoon.” Frank A.
  40. “I should have created a more realistic budget based on research I should have done on prices of a wedding. I had no clue that weddings could cost so much, I mean 10$ per person for cake is absurd, but I didn’t realize that until later on once I had already made the budget. I ended up going over 7,000 and it hurt. Do your research on all things wedding from cake, to venue, to invites, etc. then create your budget based on the research.” Rilie B.
  41. “I wish I would have been more outgoing. I suppose it just felt weird to me that everyone was here for us, that I became a fly on the wall.” Daniel S.
  42. “Bring comfortable and cute shoes to change into for the reception. Do not try and dance in heels, I repeat, do not party in heels.” Anna M.
  43. “Trial run makeup and hair. I did both on the wedding day for the first time to save money from doing it twice, and wish I had forked over the money for a trial run. My hair took so long because we constantly had to tweet things or try another style braid that worked, and my makeup colors just did not look glam, but too dark on my spray tan. Always trial run your look.” Trish V.
  44. “Do not smash the cake in your spouses face. You both took time to look presentable and there is no need to take time away from your wedding to clean up your selves.” Aaron D.
  45. “Pause together throughout the reception to remember what was happening. We were busy going from game, to garner tossing, to first dances, to dinner, to cake, to ahoaiefasfaskdfgasi that we hardly took the time to pause together and just look around at the love and people that were here for us.” Brandon F.
  46. “Ask for help throughout the planning process and especially on the day. There are so many people around you that it is not fair for the bride or groom to be doing anything.” Rachel G.
  47. “Get a car to take you to your hotel after. I didn’t drink at the wedding because I had to drive.” Kelsey T.
  48. “I wish I would have given my husband a gift the morning of the wedding, even something small like a letter.” Mckenzie N.
  49. “I found my vows online… that was a bad idea.” Taylor F.
  50. “I have always had a fear of public speaking and even thinking about the fact that I had to say my own vows in front of people gave me test anxiety almost. However, once we got to the ceremony and I realized how calm I was that entire day, I wish I would have written my own vows and stated them. All of my friends and family kept asking why I didn’t write vows, because I am a writer, and it made me feel embarrassed that I couldn’t just do it.” Brandi M.

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