This post is dedicated to my hardworking and supportive husband who only thought he bought me a camera, when he in fact gave me a lifetime of memories to marvel over. 

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I would not go as far as to say I am a modern William Bradford, but I come pretty close in comparison.

History Lesson: William Bradford was a Plymouth Plantation settler that recorded the Puritan way of life. From the Mayflower voyage to the building of Plymouth, he recorded it all, and we thank him.

I am here to tell all of you couples to record EVERYTHING! Take the picture, video tape the moment, freeze frame life, and zoom in close to those smile lines and beautiful double chin moments. Here is the deal, most of us have those parents that took endless photos of themselves in short shorts and tight tanks, with big hair, and sometimes we (my siblings and myself) came across a bathing suit pic or 20,000 from the 80’s if you’re like my beautiful mother and my hunk of a dad that did not mind taking the photo. But I also remember thinking, when I would lay in my parent’s closet flipping through the old family scrapbooks, that I wanted to be able to do that some day. I wanted to be able to sit with a glass of wine and marvel over moments in a scrapbook with my husband or friends, even if it is the day after a great adventure. The phrase, “Remember When..” is my life’s purpose, for it is better than saying, “I don’t remember that…”

If you’re worried about not living in the moment because you have a camera out, don’t. In fact, you might thank yourself one day when you’re packing up to move into your next home and come across that box of pictures. You might sit there for three hours and only notice how much time has gone by when your partner gets home and is confused by how much packing didn’t get done. But you sweep them into your field of memories and soon you are both missing your home. Or, maybe you are like me, and are scrolling through your photos on the computer because your significant other needs a specific one, and of course you find it. However, my favorites are when I come across a picture of me that I did not take and its because he took it without me knowing. And I get emotional because rarely do we see ourselves from someone else’s perspective.

This is why we document our life, and that is why you should too.

Now granted I am not telling you to take 30 selfies just to find the one that depicts your face the best, although a selfie every once in a while never killed any body.

OR that you should take your phone into the ocean, even if you have a waterproof case, just to capture that perfect wave… you know, the one that just swept your phone away. Fish like to take selfies too.

OR stick your camera arms reach over the ledge of a tall building because the world looks so small from up here…. and so will your camera when it falls and crashes into a million tiny pieces.

BUT if that sunset comes down just right

if he is sleeping on your shoulder on the plane flight home

if you paint your first room together

if you tell them you are only going to look at dogs, and buy one

if they are dancing to Taylor Swift

if you both have the day off

if they dress up for you

if you are away from them, and miss them…



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