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HELLO Curiousers :] And WELCOME BACK to my WONDERLAND • Today’s blog is brought to you by…MY HONEYMOON! Because NO, there was NO other place we wanted to go after we got married.

I’m being serious.

  1. I feel like number one needs to be the most obvious and substantial, so, Disney is better as an adult, especially if you are on your honeymoon because… there is no place on earth that will not judge you (As a 25 year old) when you completely lose it over finally meeting your idol. People, I am talking about the moment I saw TIGGER. I am talking full blown hand over mouth, flailing of my free arm, baby jumping up and down while people try and parade around me meltdown. Are you judging? Disney didn’t.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
  2. Adults will actually REMEMBER their precious moments spent here at the most magical place on earth. I tried discussing Disneyland with one of my students when I taught preschool, and needless say she had no clue what Pirates of the Caribbean was… I know, I was sad too when I heard it.
  3. Okay, I’ll say it because I’ve waited two reasons already; ADULTS CAN DRINK! Okay, so we can’t drink in Disneyland, but we can hop on over to California Adventure (If you have a double park hopper) and dive into a world where you can walk around with a beer like on the Las Vegas strip. Not to mention during Spring Break 2017 they had a beer and wine festival going on and I wasn’t sure if our honeymoon could get any better.. it did.
  4. One word: Churro. Three words: Double Fisting Churro’s. I will go back to the beauty of reason 1 and the no judgment policy that Disney so wonderfully portrays.
  5. Dressing up is ways more fun as an adult! Especially if it’s not Halloween, and you’re at Disney. Again, no judgment. Zach and I had “The Couple Shirts” and he gets just as excited about them as I do.
  6.  You can eat anything you want, at any time you want it, and walk around with it because your fast pass for Splash Mountain begins in 5 minutes, and you will need a snack for the line. When I was younger my wonderful parents didn’t let my brother, sister, and I gorge our little selves in sugary sweets more than twice in a Disney day. Now, as an adult, I can make my own decisions, and now I know my parents were right in setting a limit (and they can NEVER know they were right). I learned after 2 churros, dole whip, a frozen banana, and the new stuffed churros that they do not mix with California Screamin’… or even walking for that matter.
  7. It’s A Small World becomes the best 15 minute nap of your life. There is nothing better than after a long day going on the Small World ride for a 15 minute snooze while the rest of the clueless kids in your boat are actually looking at the mini figures. The only downside, is the song… I really have never liked it and I am convinced the kids don’t either…
  8. Coffee mug shopping. NO KID IS GOING TO WALK INTO THE GIFT SHOP AND ASK MOM AND DAD FOR A TINKER BELL COFFEE MUG! THAT’S WHAT I DO, BECAUSE I’M AN ADDDUUULLLLTTTTTTTTT. I can drink coffee, most of them can’t yet, and I honestly cannot imagine a Disney trip without buying 4 different characters coffee mugs. I physically do not have any more room in my cabinets, but I will fill the pantry if I have to.
  9. As an adult, we tend to be more strategic. Therefore, when the kiddos want to see the 10:00 parade, Zach and I are bouncing joyfully from ride to ride because the lines are shorter than their attention span :].
  10. and Last, the nostalgia. Fun fact: The reason adult coloring books and aspects from our childhood make us feel better is because it really just reminds us of a more simple time. One without responsibilities, bills to pay, or people you pretend to like because you work with them. Essentially I am referring to those parents who were born during the Disney classics and will continue to school their own kids on all seven dwarfs, or know all of the words during the World of Color show.

Here is my point.. When I first saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the tune “Whistle While You Work” came through my parent’s 90’s television set, I did not realize how unimportant the message was at the time. The seven dwarfs were not singing to the 4 year old whining about how he has to pick up his toys, NO NO NO, the seven dwarfs were preparing me for what I would have to do in 20 years when I am an actual adult.. with an actual job.

Disney is for adults, kids just won’t realize it until they become one. I was ignorant once too.


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