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My name is Brandi Jean Marinig (maiden name Lorenz) and I am an Alice.

Let me explain.

Lets go back to my Freshmen year of high school at Mesquite high in Gilbert, Arizona (I now teach at the high school I went to because well… high school apparently wasn’t awkward enough for me.) I was your typical awful stage of teenager: t-shirts with logos no one understood, braces, wire glasses, and choker necklaces before they were cool. What does all of this mean? I had a lot of friends, and none of them were boys. Not that I cared, truly I am still friends with those women and I stick to the beautifully ironic fact that I met my soul mates before my partner in life (Zachary Marinig). To sum it up, it was not until this caterpillar put herself into a summer cocoon and transformed herself into a butterfly by sophomore year; lets fast forward a year for times sake. Junior year a.k.a the year of my first boyfriend and what I thought would be the last because wouldn’t you know it, I was being dramatic. That relationship lasted a year too long as I found myself heartbroken and without a Prince for my senior year prom. We still went to prom together because…. well did I mention I was young and ignorant? I really blame the fact that, like Alice I read into my romance and young adult novels like they were the real thing, and low and behold, I didn’t understand why relationships just weren’t working out for me. That thought lasted until my next long term relationship my Freshmen year of college that lasted yet again two years, but this time I did not feel as though I had wasted my time, but learned from it when it didn’t work out. Long story short: meet in chemistry class (no, it was biology, but we will just pretend), hit it off through Facebook because he was too afraid to talk to me, finally spoke in class, and before I knew it I was swept away and did not leave so much as a shoe behind. Then the day came two years later when my Prince could not see me as his Princess and I packed up my shoes and left, not leaving anything behind, especially a shoe. Fast forward to my Junior year of college and the same old Alice studying like I always knew how to do and just inches away from being a teacher. I was on a study break going through my Facebook feed when I saw a guy off to the sidebar that was titled “people you may know.” Well, I didn’t really recognize him, but he was cute (“LIKE” profile pic). ***DING maybe 3 seconds later, a message in my inbox.

Zach Marinig.

What I realized that night as we were hanging out:

  1. He did go to Mesquite, just like me, and in the same graduating class.
  2. We had Economics our senior year (he had changed so much and I did not even recognize him).
  3. We had grown up in the same neighborhood when we were kids and never knew it.
  4. Lastly, I finally realized that Alice could have never been paired with a Prince, but instead could only ever belong with the Mad Hatter.


And this was before the beginning.. stay tuned to my life as Alice married to the Mad Hatter for more trips down my rabbit hole, or if you prefer, a peak into my looking glass. 


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